About Me

Michael SCOTT Sharinn is a diverse and creative photographer and digital artist who picked up his first camera back when Polaroids were cool. Recently, Michael has made the jump from beginner to "Pro-consumer" shooting photographs beyond being just a hobbyist.  Michael focuses on capturing those special moments whether it is a vivid landscape, social setting, sporting event or portrait photography.  Michael is an accomplished athlete, business owner and his creative outlets are now being brought to the world of digital photography.


Michael's specialty is capturing those moments in life that take your breath away. Michael's artistic intuition allows him the freedom to create images from the plain to the amazing. Michael is the owner of Michael SCOTT Photography specializing in portraits that capture special moments, family candid shots, athletic events and creative editing.  Volunteering for special needs organizations is where you'll find Michael giving back to his craft in his spare time. 

Contact Michael

36 Stonehurst Lane

Dix Hills, NY 11746


Tel: 516-241-2841

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